Healing Arts Massage                 of Waco             
Swedish/Relaxation Massage

Light to medium pressure with extra attention on knots, tight spots & sore muscles.

60 minutes - $60.00
75 minutes - $75.00
90 minutes - $90.00
105 minutes - $105.00
2 hours          - $120.00

Craniosacral/Neuromuscular Massage

Specific massage, compression and stretching techniques are used to release restrictions in fasciae and other tissue that influence the craniosacral system. Great for relieving headaches and pressure on the spine.

60 minutes - $60.00
75 minutes - $75.00 
90 minutes - $90.00
105 minutes - $105.00
2 hours          - $120.00

Shiro-Abhyanga Head Massage 

An ancient Ayurvedic hot oil massage of the head, neck, arms and shoulders. Relieves deep tension and stress.

60 minutes - $70.00
Prenatal/Postnatal Massage

A light massage to relieve stress & strain. Special attention is given to safely & comfortably position & pamper the expecting or new mom.  

60 minutes - $60.00
75 minutes - $75.00
90 minutes - 90.00

Hot Stone Massage

A specialty massage in which smooth, heated stones are implemented to create a deeply relaxing massage that will melt away muscle tension.

75 minutes - $85.00
90 minutes - $100.00
105 minutes - $115.00
2 hours         - $130.00

Deep Muscle Therapy Massage

Firm pressure along with stretching and trigger-point techniques help release chronic tightness and fascia, treat aching muscles and break-up lactic acid. Included on trouble spots, if client elects: CBD, heat therapy, or Biofreeze analgesic/pain relieving lotions, hot towels and cold packs.  

60 minutes - $80.00
75 minutes - $100.00
90 minutes - $120.00
105 minutes - $140.00
2 hours         - $160.00 

Bless Your Back

This thorough upper-body massage focuses on the back, neck, shoulders and arms and includes aromatherapy and concludes with your choice of either a Dead Sea salt or Himalayan pink salt - back scrub and hot towels.

75 minutes - $80.00  


A hand, foot, lower leg and arm massage to improve overall health and promote healthy circulation
by the manipulation of specific pressure points and the stimulation of nerve endings. 
Helps relieve inflammation and pain from injuries, fasciitis and arthritis. 

30 minutes - $30.00 
60 minutes - $60.00 ~ + neck and head  

  Chair Massage

Chair Massage is provided in ten minute increments at $1.00 per minute and is discounted for in-office or outcall to special events, businesses or worksites at an hourly rate of $50.00hr, with a minimum of 3hrs per outcall event, (example: for 3hrs, a party of 12 - each person would receive a 15 minute chair massage). Weekly recurring massage time units for businesses can be set up with the basis of a reservation sign in log and personal, individual pay. 

Body Mud Masque or Salt Scrub

Body Masques are a form of hydrotherapy in which warm, organic components of land and sea such as, mud seaweed and botanicals, known to detoxify cells, are implemented to help create a relaxing and revitalizing experience. A Masque includes a massage, therapeutic mud, aromatherapy and hot towels. You will feel refreshed and serene. Choose between: Bentonite Detox, Seaweed Toning, European Rose, Dead Sea Mud, Dead Sea Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt.  

90 minutes - $111.00   

Reiki Energy Balance

$60 per session (45 to 75 mins.) or $35.00 if combined with massage, body masque, or scrub.

Reiki Classes

Reiki is taught in 3 consecutive levels: ​Level one is First Degree - Shoden, level two is Second Degree - Okudan, level three is Third Degree - Shinpiden/Shihan, Master/Teacher. You may take one, two or all levels, the price of each level is $300.00 and includes the class manual. Please call for class schedule.

Add hot towels to any massage session + $5.00
Add Aromatherapy to any massage session + $5.00

Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover & American Express accepted.

Gift Certs available for purchase.